Quince in A Box

I really wasn’t sure about a Blog.  I was pretty sure I needed to practically be a Nobel Laureate to write a blog…wittily, engagingly and with proper …um…um…you know…searching, searching . . .  ah!!! punctuation!  And then there is the spelling thing. Not good at it.  Never was.   So I will definitely be leaning on my ability to paint.

So here is my first entry.  It’s called Quince in a Box.  I have been working on it for a while now.  I am at the fun part – everything that isn’t cardboard.

Quince in a Box sitting on my easel


I started this blog yesterday but waited to finish until today.  So as I look at this very quickly photographed (with my phone of course) painting, I see glare and confusion.  I am also noticing a distinct leaning to the left of both the front two Quince . . . Quinces?  the one on the left looks like it is about to tip and fall right off.  Mmmmm . . . I think I like it.  the other one looks like it is about to take off into space.  Don’t like that.  I will have to change it.


All in all I like this looking at my unfinished work like this.  It definitely gives one a little distance.  Some perspective, which we all need sometimes.